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PC Use | Nero

Burning CDs with Nero StartSmart

Follow these steps to use Nero StartSmart:

  1. Save data files to PC. Remember where you save them so you can locate them.
  2. Click on Start | Programs | Burn a CD or Data DVD | Create with Nero StartSmart.
  3. Click on 'Favorites' and 'Make a Data Disk.'

     Nero capture

  4. Click 'Add' and locate the desired data file or files.

     Nero capture 2

  5. Verify all data files and click 'Next' to view Final Settings.

     Nero capture 3

  6. Verify Final Settings and click 'Burn' to record.

     Nero capture 4

  7. Click 'OK' when burn process completes successfully.
  8. Click 'Exit' or select other options.