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PC Use | Roxio

Burning CDs with Roxio Easy CD Creator

Follow these steps to use Roxio Easy CD Creator:

  1. Download the data to the computer.
  2. Load CD-R or CD-RW into the drive.
  3. Open Roxio Easy CD Creator by clicking on Start | Programs and selecting the program.
  4. Open the Project Selector and click on Data CD.

  5. Locate and select data (typical CD holds between 650 Mb and 800 Mb of data); drag and drop data into lower right panel. You may give the disk a more descriptive name. The default name will be a series of numbers.

  6. Click on the Record button. This will bring up the Recording panel.
  7. Select "Test and Record"; select "Finalize Session." Click on "Start Recording" to begin burning the disk.

  8. It is advisable to not run a lot of programs while the disk is burning.