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Birds of Garrett County
A free program presented by Ranger Connie Skipper. Registration required.

Join us for a program by Ranger Connie Skipper titled “Birds of Garrett County” on Tuesday, June 11, from 2 – 3 p.m. in Oakland Library’s meeting room. To sign up for this free program, contact Bonnie at 301-334-3996, x117 or bonnie@relib.net. Each attendee will receive a free “Golden Field Guide to Birds,” which includes illustrations and information on a number of birds.

Ranger Skipper plans a power point presentation showing a selection of common and not so common birds of Garrett County. She will share tips on how to identify birds by sight and/or by their songs, and discuss habitat, an important clue to a bird’s identification. Information will be available on ways to landscape for birds and on building nest boxes.    

Support for the purchase of the “Golden Field Guide to Birds” is provided by the Western Maryland Regional Library (WMRL), the regional resource center for the public libraries of Allegany, Garrett, and Washington Counties.