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Well, it seems as though Spring is finally here!  The Library is gearing up for our annual Summer Reading Club – with a theme of “Libraries Rock” (and we certainly do!).  We’ll be making this a particularly great event this year, with something for all ages.  With our recent “Winter Reads” program being such a success, we’re looking forward to giving adults as well as kids something to look forward to this summer!

Thanks to the “Learn, Play, Grow” materials we’ve been receiving, our Children’s Area in Grantsville, Accident, and the main library are better than ever!  Come by and see the great new additions that are available thanks to a grant from the Western Maryland Regional Library!

In addition, we’ve recently received support from several other great partners.  The Crimson Shamrock Literary Fund provided a donation to our Early Literacy Backpack program, which will help us expand these popular kits.  Small Press Expo is providing us with a $2000 grant for new graphic novels to add to our collection.  Additionally, the estate of Linda Hoover left the Grantsville Library a very kind donation in her memory.  The community’s support, as always, is wonderful and incredibly appreciated, and we will work hard to justify their faith in the Library!

For those of you who are into gaming, we’re starting up a new Dungeons and Dragons program at the Main Library – I’ll personally be running it, and we’re looking for some new players!  Don’t worry if you haven’t played it before, or if it’s been a long time – we’ll bring you up to speed!

We look forward to seeing you at the Library!