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The Library is grateful for financial support from its patrons, whether in the form of donations or bequests.  Current projects in need of support include:

  • Purchase of new Library materials
  • Construction of a new Friendsville Library
  • Funding for speakers/performers for Library events
  • Wifi hotspot lending program
  • Materials for adult literacy

If you're interested in donating to your community Library, please contact the Director at 301-334-3996 or you can click the link below:

Donate to the Library with Paypal!


Our Donation Policy: 

The Ruth Enlow Library system accepts donations of materials with the understanding that the library's staff will evaluate the suitability of the materials for inclusion in the library's collection.


The Ruth Enlow Library will only accept donations that meet the system’s objectives and policies. All donations that are not added to the system will be sold, returned to the donor (if the donor wishes them to be returned and can be contacted within a reasonable time) or discarded. No conditions may be imposed by the donor either before or after the acceptance of the materials into the collection.

A receipt for gift materials will be given to the donor upon request, however, staff are not permitted to place a value on these gift materials. 

Unsolicited donations of materials left on Library property will be used or discarded at the discretion of Library staff, along with any containers in which they are found.

Outdated materials, or those in poor condition, will not be accepted.  Large quantities of books can be accepted at the discretion of Library staff based on staff workload and storage space, among other factors.

Gifts of subscriptions will not be accepted due to the expense of maintaining continuing subscriptions.  Unsolicited periodicals received via mail will be discarded.


The Library is proud to honor members of the community and/or organizations with materials purchased in their memory.  The Library welcomes all suggestions for purchases, but reserves the right to make the final decision with regard to all materials added to the collection.  A bookplate will be added to materials purchased as a memorial.  Memorial materials are subject to the same policies and procedures for weeding as all other purchased materials.