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Reading Challenge

The 2022 Reading Challenge is underway!

Here are the categories for the Ruth Enlow Library's 2022 Reading Challenge. Complete 30 and bring in your log to the Library for a prize and an entry in our Grand Prize drawing at the end of the year!

The categories:

1. By an author whose name starts with the same letter as yours
2. Cozy mystery
3. From a local author or involving a local setting
4. Banned book
5. Classic
6. A subject you would not normally read
7. Short story or novella
8. That has a five-word title
9. Inspirational book
10. That has won an award
11. About another culture
12. Involves science
13. Something your parent would like
14. Your favorite book from when you were a child
15. High fantasy
16. Recommended by a librarian
17. A book that a movie was based on
18. A cover that elicits a sense of foreboding
19. Sports
20. A hobby that interests you
21. The ocean
22. Holiday book
23. A book with a red cover
24. That has a fun title
25. Juvenile
26. A Lucky Day book
27. Food on the cover
28. Race or racism
29. Folklore
30. About an issue that has an opposing viewpoint to your own
31. Memoir
32. Thriller
33. A Dewey Decimal number between the 930s and the 990s
34. Young Adult
35. Published the year you graduated

Additionally, by submitting a 150 word book review to any Library for potential inclusion in the Garrett County Republican newspaper, participants can be given an additional entry in the Grand Prize drawing, whether or not your review is published! (Limit one additional entry per patron)  Reviews can be emailed to


Need a log?  Get one here: