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New: Polaris Vega!

The Secret Garden entry in Vega

I'm very happy to announce that starting on February 1, the Library is getting a great new revamp to its online catalog called "Polaris Vega."  First and foremost, Vega brings a much more user-friendly interface, in which each title's book, ebook, audiobook and e-audiobook can be found side by side - all a user has to do is click on the tab they want.  Availabilty is also listed right up front as well, so you can see at a glance whether a title is in stock.  You can even get a rundown on the various editions available in the system if you want to!

But that isn't all, not by a long shot!  With Vega, you can create your own reading lists - bookmarking things that interest you for later.  And scrolling down on the entry for a title you like now will give you all kinds of great recommendations - similar books, similar authors and similar topics that help you find new things to try.  And our e-books have been better integrated as well - you can now check them out or hold them from the catalog with one click!

We're very happy to make this available for everyone, and hope you enjoy it - comments are very welcome!  Feel free to reach out to me at with your feedback!