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Activity List 2020

Weekly Activity List 2020

Weekly Activity List 2020! (Keep kids busy with these fun activities!)

August 3-9

1. Hear an encouraging story read by an actual astronaut in space!

2. Learn to speak pirate or any of their other 70+ languages on Mango Languages!

3. Check out these 5 minute art project ideas!

4. Make some popsicles at home for those hot summer days!

5. Test out your paper airplane flying skills with these 5 designs!

6. Take a walk outside and find some treasures to make a nature collage out of!

7. Use your cardboard boxes to create something new!

August 10-16

1. Learn about other cultures food traditions, their history, and try out a new recipe with AtoZ World Food or AtoZ Food America!

2. Make a creative mosaic using pieces of eggshells!

3. Check out one of our life skills books for boys and girls (ages 8 and up)!

“The Daring Book for Girls”*&query=&page=0&searchid=3

“The Dangerous Book for Boys”*&query=&page=0&searchid=2

4. Create your own bird kite!

5. Watch and learn about all the different animals at the San Diego Zoo through their live cams!

6. Make your own slushies at home!

7. Press your own flowers to save your favorites or for decoration!

August 17-23

1. Make your own Cactus Pet Rocks! These are made extra fun with googly eyes!

2. Explore our selection of “Downloadables” for books, movies, magazines, and music online using your library card!

3. Go on virtual tours of these famous museums and see all the beautiful artwork on display!

4.  Try your hand at making Kinetic Sand in as many colors as you can!

5.  Art and Craft Projects for Tweens!

6. Learn while having fun at the same time with these activities!

7. Make a cozy blanket fort inside or outside!

August 24 -30

1. Homemade Wind Chimes you can make at home!

2. Learn about chemical reactions with this classic “Bill Nye the Science Guy” episode

3. Make your own “Ocean in a Jar” with a few simple ingredients!

4. Fun activities for tweens to do unplugged at home!

5. Melt your old crayons down into brand new color combinations and shapes!

6. Try any of these 25 Two-Minute Snack Recipes for kids! Everything looks delicious!

7. Create your own little world with a Shoebox Diorama!

August 31 - September 6

1. Have fun learning about positive and negative space with the Japanese art form of “No Tan”

2. Explore some online picture books using “Book Flix”

3. A list of 50 indoor activities for kids!

4. Build and eat your own delicious Critter Crudités!

5. 40 Screen Free Activities for Tweens and Teens!

6. Check out these end-of-the-summer activities!

7. Set up your own outdoor obstacle course!