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Author Event - Lucinda J. Kinsinger

Author Event - Lucinda J. Kinsinger

Come meet Lucinda J. Kinsinger, the author of Turtle Heart:

"What happens when a sheltered young Mennonite befriends an ornery old Ojibwe woman in order to lead her to Christ—and finds that old woman has more to teach her about God and humanity than she ever dreamed? These two women from widely differing cultures and belief systems soon build a connection that runs deeper than their differences. Kinsinger’s memoir of friendship reads like a novel, at once riveting and introspective, timeless and surprising.

Turtle Heart invites you into the world and perspective of a young Mennonite woman who allows love to lead her beyond her comfort zone into uncharted territory."

“Delightful and engaging, Turtle Heart held my attention throughout. Lucinda is honest and perceptive, and connects with the reader on many levels. She is unafraid to address topics that are both difficult and complex, especially in the context of Mennonite culture.”

Katrina Hoover Lee, author of Blue Christmas, Shatterproof, and Captain Garrison