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Ruth Enlow Library 2024 Reading Challenge

open book in background

Welcome to the 2024 Ruth Enlow Library Reading Challenge!

You will be playing "Bookopoly", a Monopoly-inspired challenge in which you will work your way around the board (included in your challenge pamphlet) by completing at least 30 titles. The categories are, as always, fun and diverse: you can choose from free reads, travel guides, books by authors you might not like, books with red covers, those suggested by friends, and so many more!

Stop by your local branch and grab a hardcopy of the Reading Challenge log or print out a copy of the PDF included below.

You can also join our "Readers of Garrett County" Goodreads group here

Good luck, have fun, and we'll see you soon!

Featured Slide Files: 
PDF icon REL 2024 Reading Challenge Log7.82 MB